The Ayarr Empire Awaits: Imperial Hero II is Live!

The long awaited remake of Imperia Online’s infamous RPG is here! Imperial Hero II is now live on Facebook with improved graphics and gameplay!

Grab a sword or a bow, or prepare your mystic powers, because the Ayarr Empire awaits your arrival. It’s in your hands to save the people living in those wondrous lands and slay countless vicious monsters.

The RPG first launched in May 2009 as a browser-based game. Due to its success the title has now been further improved and published on Facebook.


In this epic adventure you begin your journey from a small village but in time you will set foot into breathtaking territories, fighting numerous enemies.

Will you be the hero who brings light into the dark dungeons, filled with evil creatures? Or will you be a master crafter who creates powerful items, selling them to other heroes, making huge fortune? Will you be a Leader of a Hero Guild, who will conquer all of the No Man’s Lands and control the mighty provincial castles? Or maybe you want to be the lone rogue, stalking the wealthy miners and robbing them of their riches?
Imperial Hero 2 gives you the choice to be any of these. Or all of them. With the single purpose of becoming the Ultimate Hero!

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