The Battles Have Evolved! Experience the Improved Seasons of War!

Imperia Online’s turn-based strategy Seasons of War continues with its constant improvements, this time introducing a huge portion of changes to the 40,000 users.

The battles got a neat redesign and now have a beautiful and intuitive look. They also received exciting animations of projectiles flying towards the opponent while the fortress structures got their own facelift (that also serves as a helpful visual hint for their state).
However, the improvements are not only visual – there are significant combat system changes as well:

  • There is now a Field battle as well, in addition to the Fortress Assault;
  • The players are able to assemble the military formation on the field any way they want to;
  • The fortress is brought at the forefront and is now a stalwart barrier between the attacker’s forces and the defenders;
  • The Walls, Towers and Gate can now be garrisoned, adding a brand new third line of defenders; they come with default detachments of Militia – free of charge! – but the players can also substitute their own experienced Legions;
  • There are now two options for overcoming defensive structures: destroying them utterly with siege engines, or overruning their garrison with infantry and storming into the courtyard;
  • Ballistae come as a replacement of the Battering Rams and enter the field as a fierce anti-infantry unit, that can also bring down castle walls;
  • New skills are added for some of the units;

Huge additions and improvements have been made to several other features of the game, too. There are 28 new missions! 4 brand new inventions! New level cap for the economic buildings – 30 (up from 20)! The Military happiness bonuses now add up and “fade”.
Higher Taxes & PatriotismLast but not least, the random events in the game get some gorgeous artwork to show off. The players can now meet their subjects: the guys who bear the brunt of floods and famine, but also fill the coffers and warehouses through spontaneous acts of ingenuity and patriotism!
And not only are those improvements already in the free-to-play game, but there is an iOS version on the way, very, very soon!
Grab your swords and ploughs and may the seasons be in your favor!

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