The Dark Fortress Falls in 70% of the Realms

Around 70% of the realms in Imperia Online succeed in bringing down the Dark Fortress while it’s active during the weekends.

The epic clashes happen every weekend for about a month now and the statistics are speaking clearly: the interest is heavily growing. The number of battles against the colossal building was around 50,000 in the first week. It reached its peak this month when the players conducted 72,200 battles (July 11-12).

The epic challenge is still growing strong – the Dark Fortress will come up again this Saturday at 3 p.m. Server Time [GMT+3] and will wait for armies to attack it until 3 p.m. on Sunday. The team behind the feature continues to improve the challenge it presents, but the players keep on proving they mean business: 2/3 of all realms are constantly defeating the fortress.

History is yet to be written, so gather your forces and allies and storm the Dark Fortress this weekend!

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