The first of its kind Winter Marathon in Imperial Hero II

Get ready for the winter challenge in our classic RPG.

Winter is everywhere.

Winter is long, cold and scary.

But not in Imperial Hero II!

Because we not only love winter in our cult-classic RPG, but we also celebrate it, by hosting a Winter Marathon!

The Imperial Hero II Winter Marathon is an event, in which the players go through a 10-days long program, in which they have to tackle World Boss, compete in PvP tournament, delve in an Ancient Island. Оn top of that, there are side missions in between the main events. We don’t want the mighty heroes to take a breath now, do we!

The Winter Marathon launched on January 28th for the first time in the game’s history and it is already getting heated…or shall we say “cool”?

And why not? Everybody likes to play in the snow once in a while… Even the epic heroes, who always need a nice break from saving the realm from the forces of Evil!

So, good luck and have fun in the Winter Marathon, fellas!

You deserve it!

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