The Huge Events of Imperia Online

Several huge events are taking place in Imperia Online’s world lately. You’re probably aware and even following some of them closely, but here is a short summary of what’s going on!

Have you noticed the appearance of the epic Dark Fortress already?

The colossal world event took over Imperia Online twice already and will spawn once again this Saturday.

So beware! 12 p.m. Server Time is the hour of the Dark Fortress’ birth and if your realm hasn’t defeated it in 24 hours, the fortress will disappear at 12 p.m. on Sunday.


The numbers after the first two Dark Fortress appearances are stunning – more than 110 000 attacks upon the fortress were conducted over its two spawns so far. And the amazing strength of our players is obvious from the percentage of defeated Dark Fortresses. It has been taken down in 30% of the realms!

So get ready for epic fights and rewards this weekend and prepare by reading additional info about the event!


In the meantime we’re entering the final week of the Nomad Invasions tournament! From the initial 6000+ registered players, there are now only 327 ‘Undefeated’ left. The majority consists of Bulgarians and Brazilians, but the final Nomad waves will be even fiercer than the ones that have passed already. For additional information and comments from one of the game designers, make sure you regularly check!

What are your thoughts on those events and what are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!

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