The Invincible Warriors of IO 3rd Edition: Our Game Designer Hrisi

Those of you who had the chance to watch the live stream of Siege for the start of Conflict of Nations are aware that not Dimitrov is the person who I will be introducing to you in this week’s bulletin, it is our game designer – Hristina Zaykova!

Although her job requires it of her, she herself is a total gamer. League Of Legends, Overwatch, Monster Hunter: World, Blade & Soul и Black Desert Online are one of the few games in her portfolio that she so often plays although she is completely unaware how she manages to, because her schedule is too full.

Are you wondering what she does during quarantine? In addition to working hard, she has reached back to her favorite hobby – music.

In her spare time she likes to create, as in addition to reading, writing stories and poetry, she often records on her guitar. Are you interested to hear it? Enjoy:

She has been singing since she was a child, appearing at a number of competitions all over Bulgaria. What does she sing? She used to pop, and now she sings … for fun. She admits that he sometimes listens to heavy music, but lately he has been relaxing under the sounds of classical music.

Her new hobby is the notorious Korean k-pop music style, and she also started learning Korean.

Prior to joining the game industry, Hrisi was a tattoo artist. You didn’t expect this, did you? It wasn’t for a long time, but she shared that she had a lot of fun experiences and that is because the studio where she used to work was in Sunny Beach… you can imagine.

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