The Invincible Warriors: A gamer from the start

This week, a guest of our weekly column is Borislav Antikov (borko98arsenal) – our Game Designer.

Bobby is a native of the most beautiful city – Burgas, where he graduated from the Mathematical High School, and is now in his final year at Bournemouth University, majoring in Game Design. The truth is that his interest in games was manifested in early childhood, and for his 5th birthday he received his 1st “Playstation 1”. He was quite a modern child. On this occasion, we release 2 funny photos as proof.

Apart from his interest in games, he also wanted to become a pilot, but this idea quickly evaporated. Before coming to Imperia Online, Bobby boasted that in his second year at university he took on the role of an assistant – Peer Assisted Learning – teaching freshmen 1 hour a week, helping them with various projects and exams. Bobby, just forgot to insert how he also gave them beer pong and card lessons… It’s good that we have the option of “call a friend”, because Bobby didn’t share much on this topic.

For his 3rd year at the university he had to look for an internship. Despite studying abroad, he always knew he wanted to work in Bulgaria after graduating.

He shared that his candidacy was not only received by us, but also by another company, BUT without any hesitation he accepted to become part of our team. And what does he like best about the company?! In addition to the amazing view of BILLA, he likes the people he works with, describing them as exceptional professionals, always smiling, with a sense of humor, which makes the office environment interesting every day. “I hope we get back to the office soon,” he shares. And yes, he also really likes the fact that there is not so much competition in FIFA tournaments.

Here is the first thing we will arrange after returning to the office – a powerful FIFA tournament. As the Editorial offers to give Bobby a non-working joystick.

As for his hobbies and interests, he recently discovered snowboarding. Although he has only been once this winter, he says it gives him great pleasure and a lot of pain, of course. He also turned out to be a fan of table tennis. Actively rattling after the halls reopened. Unfortunately, he chases the ball only on the weekends, because during the week his mentor Mario doesn’t stop giving him different tasks. Mario, let the boy play for god’s sake…

If you are looking for compromising information from his travels around the world – you will not find it! He keeps them only for a select audience … or maybe there just aren’t any. But you know the Editorial. We’re curious and thirsty for as much information as possible.

Bobby has been to Germany and England. England? Come on… But he shares that he has a favorite place in Bulgaria, which he has been visiting every year for almost 7-8 years – Arbanassi. He certainly wanted to conquer every corner of the map, but he defined a trip to Italy as a dream.

Well, we wish you to post stories and photos from Italy soon and not to forget a magnet for the office.

With this humble confession, the edition for the week ended! We wish everyone a nice weekend.

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