The Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online – In the leading role one of our Community Managers

The day has come where we share a bit of inside information about the people sitting behind the computer desks, the ones you don’t usually see, though they are those who are responsible for the smooth running of our games and are those who answer to your complains. In today’s article of our Invincible Warriors we are going to introduce to you one of the people who deals with the interests of the Turkish community of Imperia Online.

In the leading role is Renginar Kenan – Community Manager, who not only is a happy auntie of two little monsters but also is a proud owner of a four-legged friend named Koda. But don’t be fooled folks – the name has nothing to do with coding. It is an Indian American name and also as a coincidence in Italian it means “tale”. You would probably ask – whats the meaning in native American? We shouldn’t teach you how to use google search now should we..

In our short discussion she even shared how she actually got him.

‘During the quarantine I happened to get a hold of a pet and was occupied mainly with taking care of him. I even didn’t have the time to fight nor argue with my boyfriend as every couple that is locked inside for an indefinite period of time, does.’ 

Widely known for her short-tempered personality if you happen to hear Reny’s voice around during work, despite the fact that your desk is completely on the opposite side of the office, don’t worry she’s most probably not even raising her voice at a colleague. Renginar has a strange penchant of naming her objects because it helps her with the arguments she usually has with them. 

P.S – if our lovely Miss Kenan wants she could also provide you with official details to see a psychotherapist who specialises in treating patients with similar… mental conditions.

“I graduated with а psychology degree but I have not worked even a single day in a role related to that degree. It was my childhood dream which eventually was left out only for personal use.”

Other than her weird interests Reny also has exciting hobbies. For example – interior design. The pleasure of every detail inspires her to transform her own home, though unfortunately she did not want to share photos with us.

And as a finishing touch to this article for our lovely colleague we will share a small part of her job in the office with a question:

“What’s the strangest pronunciation you’ve heard of your name?’’ 

“The improvisations that I’ve heard for my name are so many that I would definitely need a word file to be able to write them down so I will only share the highlights. Usually if people have not seen me in person they initially rarely assume that I am in fact a woman and most frequently our calls start with that little detail. After we finalise that I am a woman we might start working on the correct pronunciation of my name. The last thing I heard was Reminguen – it sounds like a brand for electrical appliances.

One of my professors in university asked me extremely seriously if my name comes from Rentgen. *laughs*” 

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