The Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online: Our Developer Dimitar

This week the time has come for another successfully realized cadet of IT Talents, our Developer – Dimitar Nikolov to be under the spotlight of the weekly Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online!

Mitko is a native of the town of Pazardzhik, where he graduated from the Konstantin Velichkov Secondary School, where our dear receptionist also studied, who was obviously with another mathematics teacher when she failed to become a coding machine like Dimitar. After high school, he came to the capital, where he enrolled in Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski to study Computer Science, but still cannot boast that he is in possession of a diploma.

His childhood dream was to be a pilot one day, that simple. As already mentioned, he comes to the Imperia Online family through the IT Talents Academy, and in the company he likes his colleagues the most, the friendly atmosphere and the Friday snacks, which he currently sadly only likes on Skype.

As for his hobbies and interests, as a true emperor, he likes to play games. Of course, he did not reveal more details. He likes to watch TV series (“Friends” we guess), and does sports – bending down to go through the door will be enough for you to find out what sport is his favourite. And an extremely interesting hobby – annoying people. (Here Dimitar pleaded not to share this information, but the team voted against his plea) He also shared that he likes cars.

He is interested in the origin of the universe, the discovery of the meaning of life and new technologies. I guess that there is no inbetween when it comes to his likings. Unlike most colleagues in the office who do not stop traveling, our Mitko has not traveled anywhere (Nobody believes him, right?). And for his dream he pointed out – Space!

Eh, these hard-working bees from SIEGE, haven’t they decided to set up a home office up there, huh?

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