The Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online: The Adventurer

This week, we are going to introduce you again with someone from the Imperial family. His name is Valentin Minasyan and he is part of the Quality Assurance team on Stillbase.

Valio is an adrenaline lover. When he was little, he had a fear of heights. For this reason, each such obstacle is filled with a great dose of adrenaline. He shares:

On Cape Agalina, near Sozopol, I decided to jump from a 5 meters high rock. Then, I jumped from another, which was 8 meters high and finally, I jumped from another one – 15 meters high. In the future, I also want to do bungee jumping.

In addition to adrenaline, Valio is a fan of sports and in particular, football. Usually, he is a good observer but he is also good at running after the ball. Unfortunately, he does not say which football team he supports but soon enough this will be clear. Very soon.

In his free time, Valio avoids lying on the couch. He rather puts on a pair of comfortable shoes and goes on a trip somewhere around the country or abroad. He loves visiting new places as well as those which make him recharge with some positive energy. 

I spend most of the summers in Plovdiv so the places I am going to list will be from there and these are: the Rowing Base, Kapana and somewhere on the hill (Tepe) with a city view. Other spots that I like very much are the Devil’s Path and the White River Eco Trail. Also, my last but not least favorite place is the sea. It is not a coincidence that my favorite season is summer.

In case you are still wondering where to go on a walk and get out of town, for sure Valio can help you with that.

Have a good rest of the day with this freshly written article in our blog📝:

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