The Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online: The amazing adventures of a Developer

It is time for your favourite article of the week The Invincible Warriors of IO where you can learn some gossip about our colleagues whose lives aren’t even that interesting at the moment because everyone is staying at home. But nonetheless let me tell you a little about our main character.

A frustrated developer trying to find the error in a code:

– Damn it, why did it happen like this ?!

His colleague beside him answered:

– It’s the way it’s been written….

Today’s hero has a surname that few people can pronounce – Alex Vaglarov – our JavaScript Developer.

Alex was born in Plovdiv, but grew up in Pazardzhik. For those who don’t know, Pazardzhik is the city where, when people have kidney stones, they are Swarovski or the “City of Bored Millionaires”. Alex graduated from high school with a profile in “Tourism”, then became a seagull in our sea capital Varna, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in “Tourism” as wekk, As he says – he studied to be unemployed.

He spent 2 summers in Nessebar, but Sofia is Sofia and now for 5 years he’s been breathing the fresh capital air and doesn’t stop eating Sofia’s mekitsi for breakfast.

If you are wondering why we chose Alex for today’s issue of the Bulletin, it is because we are good people who like to make their colleagues’ dreams come true. (Now don’t start writing to the editorials to be featured)

You may not believe it, but of all the people so far, only he admitted that from a young age he dreamed of being a star not anywhere, but in the Weekly edition of the Imperial Bulletin (Mom, look at me, I’m famous!).

Before entering imperial territory, Alex helped in the family business – an advertising agency, for some time he worked as a sports and children’s animator, croupier (Bingo fans, where you at?), at some point started his own business and finally ended up in Imperia Online, where he claims that he feels really good.

And to the real question: how did he actually end up here? Like most of our colleagues… with inside connections. One day he learned about the torture of IT Talents from a friend, and after hard study and sleepless nights he receives a prize for a successful cadet.

Like any interviewee, during his one at Imperia Online tried to give original answers to all the questions he was asked.

What he likes most about the company is the mood and the ease with which the work goes, but apart from these clichés, which we have been reading for several Fridays in a row, Alex admits what he likes the most – FRIDAY BANITSA. If more people missed this famous pie, should we do it again? #banitsachallenge?

In general, he claims that he does not have much free time, but if he has any left, he likes to cross Bulgaria, and the Balkans are closest to his heart.

You did not hear this here in the Weekly Bulletin, but pubs in the Balkans melt Alex’s soul…

We can add sport to his hobbies, but by sport I mean those that don’t require a lot of mobility… Billiards, bowling and darts. For example,

After 7 years of sport dancing it’s time for a little rest. These bones are not made of iron.

Maybe everyone once in their life has dreamt of being able to fly…

Alex is one of those brave people who jumps into a seat and a motorbike from a mower to rise a few meters in the air.

For those more familiar, this construction has another name, such as a motor hang glider, which, in the end, gives an unforgettable experience.

Turning the page of his adventurous soul, we find a small part of the destinations he has visited – Greece, Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia, but when we talk about Alex’s dream place to visit, things get bluer than ever with the famous island of Santorini. Yes, true, stones like stones, but …if you’ve been there you know.

And the most beautiful place in the world – Singapore. You can be sure that if you provide Alex a ticket there, he will certainly not return.

And with this colourful article of beautiful countries this is the end of this week’s article. Have a good weekend everyone!

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