The Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online – The Young Talent

This week, we present you Alexander Kirilov, a developer from our Elite Squad team.

Also known as “97”, he defines himself as an introvert, even though people around him would say otherwise. 

From an early age, “97” told us that he wanted to work at Imperia Online JSC. He has always loved the games and as a consequence, their programming. That is why, when he was 15, he applied for the first season of IT Talents, previously called Imperial Academy. 

Back then, I managed to do excellent on the entrance exams, my score was very high. I also had an interview and you could say I was more than thrilled!

Yes, but there was something that prevented him from entering into the program and that was his age. So, after graduating 12th grade, he was successfully admitted to the Academy and the rest is history.

Apart from being a man of logic and mathematics, he turned out to be a hidden talent in the Italian cuisine and is ready to demonstrate his skills in public after he returns back in the office…or should we expect him in the next season of Hell’s Kitchen?

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