The Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online: Travelling, food and something else

If you have ever wondered what it is like to work in a company where at least 10 people are named Alexander/Alexandra, then the answer is – a challenge. Especially for the accountant…

In today’s article of the Imperia Offline section we will tell you about one of them.

We are just briefly going to add a surname and introduce Alexander Ivanov, our Marketing and Business Development Specialist.

Born and raised in Sliven, the city of the classic local rakia and the best wines in Bulgaria, Sashko graduated from the Sliven Language High School. And guess which language he is fluent at now – German. Kidding, don’t expect to hear anything more than Das is mein Wein! What a shame….

For some time in the past he became a sea inhabiter and lived in Varna, until the sea breeze started to become too much and he quickly moved to Sofia. He graduated from MBA, and his passion for games is what brought him to Imperia Online. Apart from video games, he is also a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team from the time of Shaq and is currently looking forward to the finals next week … after 10 years. Now everything becomes clear why he so desperately wanted to take a couple of days off..

One of his favorite dishes is the traditional Bulgarian meat soup and if it’s accompanied by the sounds of rap music – old, new school … it all becomes love and happiness.

From the photos attached, we can see what a fan of traveling Sashko is – in and outside of Bulgaria. Well, now unfortunately it’s mostly in the country.

He points Beijing as his favourite destination. And yes, he is looking for a way to get back there again someday. When we talk about talents, Sasho can show us some really nice dance moves, but don’t be so fast, first it is essential to have treated him to a few drinks in advance in order for him to reveal his best hip shakes…

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