The Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online: What it’s like being a designer for Mercedes

And in today’s issue of the Imperia Offline we have prepared an interesting story about someone from the Imperial family.

If you’re tired of hearing about developers and annoying secretaries, it’s time to diversify the weekly articles with a more colorful figure. Shy and very hardworking – this is how our 3D Artist Martin Petrov represents himself.

Do not think that Marty did not dream of another profession as a child. A cop, an astronaut and so on. His parents insisted on him becoming a colleague of Dr. Enchev, but… Marty was certain against this decision … When you see him, you will not believe it yourself.

Losing the chance of his life, he started drawing at the age of 4 and was so good that he continued to develop his skills until one day he rediscovered modeling with clay and plasticine. And if you think he spent his time taking drawing lessons, you’re terribly wrong. After several failed attempts, Marty realizes that he will learn much more … if he studies on his own.

How did things take a leap in the 3D direction? Well, one day after he got his first computer and by some chance it had a 3D modeling program installed on it. At the time, the era of visual effects had taken over him so much that he began to dream of how he would one day do just that – visual effects, 3D modeling, and computer animation. And here he is today…

He applied for a job at Imperia Online, admitting that he had never been an avid gamer. We are sure that he did not mention this in the recruitment interview… And yet, something from inside or maybe a gut feeling tells him that he is going to a good place and, spending several years among avid gamers and cool colleagues, he realizes that he was not wrong.

We forgot to mention that he graduated from the High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Stara Zagora with French (literally forgetting French after graduating … Another cheater), and then continued his studies by earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Engineering Design. at Technical University.

In parallel with the torture at University, Marty spent 2 summers in the United States and do not think that the land of unlimited possibilities was able to tempt him. Marty is one of those young people who believes that if you work hard, success will not escape you. He prefers Vitosha and beer with colleagues in the office to walks around Florida or Vegas.

And for Mercedes fans we will only say that Martin not only spent 3 months on an internship there, but also of the designs that he made there, there are 4 approved and they are still used today as a tuning package from Brabus Mercedes. You will say to yourself – the only thing this guy does is work. Well no! And he, like any normal person, has hobbies and one of them is fishing. Although less and less common, he likes to spend time with his thoughts, and when fishing is impossible, he stops at the gym, where he spends a few hours pushing bars. Barbells also make you spend time with your thoughts …

After these glorious fishing adventures, there is nothing to add and so the Imperia Offline is over.

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