The Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online: Why Сахо?

Today we will turn the pages of the Imperial Book of Employees and we will meet you with one of the many “Alexander” in the company. He is responsive, cheerful, and an expert, he is the first developer who was hired in the company.

He is Alexander Vassilev, better known as Caxo – our Lead Developer.

Сахо is one of the company’s longtime employees, part of it for 14 years. He was born in Bulgaria, but as a child he spent 4 years in the beautiful city of Kiev, Ukraine, where his mother is from originally. He returned to Bulgaria, where he successfully graduated from the Technical University of Sofia – “Computer Systems and Technologies” (KST), and then continued with a Masters program again in the same course at the University of Library Science and Information Technology.

Сахо is not just part of the team, he creates the team in the company.

Being such a legendary veteran, he never stops spraying professionalism in every project he embarks on. Not in vain in 2015 he was awarded “Employee of the Month”. We really hoped to find a picture from that day, but it turned out that finding compromising material turned out to be much more difficult than losing weight with pizza and a diet coke.

Like many of his colleagues, he is a huge fan of video games, his favorites being Assassin’s Creed, Diablo and StarCraft. How come one didn’t admit to playing “Exploding Kittens”…

Don’t be fooled by his serious look, because outside the office, his soul is like cotton when we talk about animals.

Сахо is a big animal lover, with several pets. Under “a few” we imagined 2 golden fish and a turtle … Well, no. He currently cares for 2 dogs – Zack and Tangrin, 1 turtle – Nuro and 4 cats – Darki, Froid, Garvey and Tay. And the editorial office is still not allowed to take even a hamster…

The good thing is that all the animals are rescued from the street, and he himself often urges others to follow his steps. For those who know Сахо, they know that he is always involved in any initiatives in finding a home for abandoned animals.

Along with books and music, he gained knowledge by touring Bulgaria, learning about Bulgarian culture and folklore. And if you’ve seen him blow his invisible hair in the office while he’s working, he’s probably listening to some wild piece by AC / DC, Dubioza Kolektiv or Pink Floyd.

If someone intends to send him a Christmas present, a little birdie told us that branded T-shirts and all kinds of materials with epic rock bands are among his favorite gifts.

If this hasn’t been enough for you and you want to find out more about Сахо you can check out this recent article from DevStyler regarding his nomination for “Developer on Focus”:

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