The Invincible Warriors of IO: A travel journey

Today as every Friday we will be giving 5 minutes of glory to a member of the team.

His name is Georgi Mikov or the person who takes care of the interests of the French-speaking community at Imperia Online. Joro is a native of Sofia, and during his childhood he wanted to be an archaeologist like his father. He graduated from NGDEK “St. Constantine Cyril Filosofski”, and then enrolled in “French Philology” at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”. This language reminds me of my favorite Commissioner Gibert…

During his student years, in addition to studying hard, he wrote articles on a sports website that no longer exists. But some remember it… they remember it with both love and hate. In the summer of the distant 2015 he came across an advertisement of the company and soon enough he got invited for an interview. He arrives 15 minutes early and to release the tension he decides to take a few walks on the different floors. To check if the elevator is in working order, for sure … It is logical that when the elevator stops, we have to get off it, nooo Georgi obviously did not understand that other people work in the building as well. When the receptionist sees him again, she desperately decides to take him to the 16th floor herself, covering for him that because of her he was late. But everything about Joro is calculated and just like the clock on Channel 1 appears minutes before the appointed time.

In addition to delicious baklava, tartlets and almond chocolates, he says that he likes the feeling of freedom in the company, and for those who do not know – his desk is famous as the “treat desk”. We need proof of that of course… As for his hobbies and interests, Jorko loves long walks, reading, audiobooks, travelogues and here some people would not be surprised at all, because we add plane tickets.

He didn’t think about the crazy things, but mostly about the stupid things he did. More than once he has taken the road somewhere without a return ticket and more than once got lost in crazy places. We have suspicions he’s been using an old Nokia to navigate himself … people invented Google maps, Joro… Island hopping in Indonesia without a preliminary plan, without reservations, without internet. And the most irresponsible – he crossed a street in Cairo. His list of places he visited turned out to be quite long, so we summarize – 44 countries on 5 continents.When do you even have time to work?

He mentions Rio de Janeiro, Tel Aviv and the islands of the Bocas del Toro archipelago (Pana) as his favorite destinations. You won’t be very surprised if we tell you that Goshko’s dream is to set foot in every country and on every continent (but quite seriously ). Among his close targets are Australia, no matter how terrified he is of the hundreds of species of snakes lurking there, New Zealand, Uzbekistan and Iran. Stepping into Antarctica is also part of his plans for life.

To summarize: “Tourists do not know where they have been, and travelers do not know where they are going.”

Paul Theroux

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