The Invincible Warriors of IO: Extreme adventures with George

And today we have prepared a box full of secrets for one of our Invincible Warriors.

We cross-examined Georgi Chakarov, our Android Developer, who gladly revealed some information about himself.

These are the kind of people we love, who would gladly talk to us, not:
– Tomorrow I am a little busy because my boss gave me some tasks..
Come on! It’s Friday-day…

George is native of one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria – Plovdiv. He graduated from Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski” with a degree in Informatics. Unlike most children who had a pool party in a puddle and wondered which superhero they would like to be, our colleague from an early age wanted to become a developer. It is known that the ones who learn, will succeed.

So if you’re wondering what he did before coming into the company, it was all about programming professionals. With love for the code…It all starts with internships for microcontrollers and now for several years – Android applications.

He came to Imperia Online family 2 years ago and in order to anoint himself a little, he shared that he really likes the combination of professionalism and the warm attitude between colleagues. Also that it faces new and diverse tasks. Well, George, we feel you want to face extra weekends so like some good people we will give it to you. Consider that by the end of the year, Saturday and Sunday are all yours man! How good we are..ah?

Computer and board games, music – that’s what he determines like his hobbies and interests. Like other colleagues he also likes going to rock and metal concerts, and we even know which band he likes the most – “Tool” everybody. And when there are no concerts or friends for a game, he starts studying some new technology. That’s what we call to love your job!

And when we went in search of something crazy he was doing, he told us that he had passed two via ferratas in the Dolomites. How cool is that, ha? He also turned out to be a good traveler with a rich list of different destinations around the world, including: Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and others. One day he really wants to visit Japan, like many more people from the company. How cool would it be to do a team building right there? We were just thinking about it…

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