The Invincible Warriors of IO: Gabby and her desires for travel

We are here to bless your Friday again with the weekly team member – Gabi Gerenska, our successfully realized student from IT Talents.

You know, we always start with the basic information about the person. Where do you think she’s from? Here’s a hint – Born in Sofia, raised in Lovech, most of her relatives are in Kyustendil. Gabby graduated from a language school with a profile in French and English, but it quickly became clear that French was not for her. At the end of 10th grade, the looks of numbers and equations were much more interesting to her, she even decided to take tutor lessons. Yes, it is true that her childhood dream is to be a vet, but mathematics also has its charm. We are still unsure of that saying, but it is there… we think.

From her friends she learns about FMI and the computer courses, shortly after applying she had been accepted with a profile “Software Engineering”. During her student years, and not only, in addition to going to parties and tasting the food of Manja Street, Gabby also works. Please do not ask “what”, because the list is too long… More importantly, after years of hard work and partying, she successfully completes her education and now only waits for a convenient moment to take us to a fun place, like MEGAMI, for example, and to celebrate all together. 

How did she arrive at Imperia Online you might ask? Like everyone else… through the front door. And yes, IT Talents of course (season 11). By coming to the imperial team, Gabby says that she likes her colleagues the most and also the tasks she receives, she’s very fond of them as they always trigger her interest and she’s constantly learning something new.

And what did she point out as her hobby? Many men here can pull their hair out, wondering where this Gabby has been hiding so far. She loves to read, although in the evening, she seems to be occupied with other things, walks in nature – especially the mountains. One of her achievements is that she got lost in Vitosha. Loves to watch TV series, one of her favorites is “Friends”. What a coincidence, another member of the team who watches it for the 268292nd time … In the summer she often goes fishing on the weekends (amateur fishing in a lake near Sofia, as she never actually leaves with the fish) – using it for a vacation and so far this year, while studying for her final exam, she found it a perfect place to study. She claims that the biggest carp caught by her is her boyfriend…

Unfortunately, Gabby has not traveled much outside the country, but some places she dreams of visiting are Belgrade and Italy, they have been added to Nevi’s wish list (specifically Venice, hoping it won’t sink soon). With love for her homeland, she also wants to see the beauty of some of the places she hasn’t been in Bulgaria.

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