The Invincible Warriors of IO: Gabby and Sports

We are going to start our blog’s article with the question “Gabriela Peycheva is not the only one, is she?”. Well, she is the only one actually and she is part of our team! 

On one hand, Gabby is our successful cadet from the IT Talents Training Camp. On the other hand, she has been a professional wrestler for many years. 

Among her collection of awards, she has a medal from the European Championship. What is more, she is a multiple republican champion, leaving her mark on the world championship by taking fifth place. 

Being a real champion, she has won first place in the Biology Olympiad. Soon, she realized that being Dr. House is not for her. Especially when you can wrestle and slam different people just by lifting them above your head …

In her free time, Gabby loves to take a walk in nature. 

Like other people in our team, she also has the sweetest pet – her French bulldog, called Tara.

This is how this short autobiography ends. Tune in this Friday to read more about the experience of our Marketing and Biz. Dev Team at the digital Gamescom.

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