The Invincible Warriors of IO: More adventures from developers

We hope you have not forgotten that the biggest gossip about a colleague can be read only in the weekly article of The Invincible Warriors of Imperia Offline.

This week we interrogated another successfully realized cadet of IT Talents – Alexander Konov, our .NET Developer. Krasy, if you are reading this, know that Alexander is sending you greetings.

Alex was born and raised in Sofia. Last year he completed his bachelor’s degree in Electronics at the Technical University. During his student years, in addition to studying hard of course, he also worked in a car wash, and shortly after that, until graduating from university, he used to deliver pizza… and by that we mean happiness. The poor man. How did he feel every time he had to give this beautiful box of pure gold away to a chubby student?

Despite his successful graduation, he realizes from the very beginning that this is not his… “mojo” and he starts searching for alternatives and eventually he stumbles upon IT Talents and then right at the Imperial offices.

The truth is that from the little time spent in the office of Imperia Online and many times more spent in Zoom, Sasho realizes that he works with very cool and fresh people. Along with this, he likes the interesting tasks that are assigned to him and never refuses any in his own will, not because Velislav has promised him another bonus…

In addition to the cool team, he thanks his mentors, describing them as the most patient people ever.

So, Alexander, you know .. we use code words of gratitude in the company, like Jack, JOHNNIE, Jim … Just a heads up to mark it in Asana.

He identifies cars and long walks as his hobbies, interests and passions. Hmm, judging by his good performance at the “Imperial Step” challenge, apparently the car has been parked in the garage for a long time. He also adds listening to music, using it as a background while doing something, or just relaxing. He’s obviously listening to our popular rap artist Gosho from Vacation …

The most remarkable places he visited this year are – the kitchen, the living room and again the kitchen. Don’t envy him… New year, new luck. However, Alex also checks Japan, as one of the countries to which he would gladly teleport.

And one final note from him for the people with pets: If your pet sleeps 99% of the time and wakes up just when you enter a zoom meeting, then you are not alone.

With this final article for the year we would like to wish you Happy Holidays from Imperia Online Team! We are thankful you have been a part of our weekly updates and articles and we hope to see you on this page next year as well!


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