The Invincible Warriors of IO: One of the oldest members of the IO family – Krum

This week in the Invincible Warriors of IО we have our Product Manager – Krum Atanasov, better known as the “Krum The System”!

Krum is a native of Sofia. You are probably wondering what school he graduated from? Well, first from 1st to 7th grade – 133rd school with Russian language, then Second English Language High School with a profile in Geography and Mathematics and finally – UNWE – Economics of Intellectual Property.

When he was little, he wanted to be a car mechanic, car washer, bus driver, and security guard. Whatever it is, as long as it’s related to cars. Certainly, before coming to the company, he worked a lot, pasting posters and distributing flyers hourly during his student years. In the summer, the work with advertising stopped and he began to look for something new. So he started working in computer cafes…

Shortly after starting working in one, the Computer Cafe in which he worked was acquired by a chain of computer clubs Chaos, owned by Dobri, the CEO of Imperia Online. This is how he became part of the company. Initially, in parallel with his work in the clubs, Krum was also a moderator in the forum, while in Imperia Online there were beta and the first eras. Back then he also did translations into English. And so, in the beginning of the already distant 2008, he officially started to be a full-day support in the office of Imperia Online.

And what does he like in the company? That he works in the game industry, products, the company philosophy and the pleasant atmosphere.

Krum has other hobbies besides watching for unnecessary trouble in the game, such as computers – assembling, disassembling, clogging, breaking, installing. Games – strategy, racing, shooters, very intensely played the Battlefield series, had reached 3rd place in the ESL league. History – section of Nazi war criminals and executions in Nuremberg. But his biggest interest has always been cars. He can stand down at the crossroads and guess the model of 99.99% of passing cars.

Unlike most people who like to travel the world, he is the complete opposite, sharing that he has not been a big fan of travel since he was a child. Why? Because when he was 5-6 years old, his parents dragged him to St. Petersburg (then Leningrad), and the trip was 3 days by train. You can’t even guess when he first boarded a plane – on our team building to Egypt. Shame and disgrace! But you are young … Life is in front of you, there is time to travel. Otherwise, he traveled here in the Balkan region and said that he would visit the big American cities – New York, Los Angeles, Miami, or places with a high dose of historical drama – Pripyat, Auschwitz, Hiroshima.

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