The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our Accountant Violeta

This week in the weekly Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online is going to feature our accountant Violeta!

Vili is like an escape room that no one would wants to escape. In her handbag you will find a notebook, a crime novel and ribbons (according to her – you should always be ready to give a carefully decorated gift).

Music is always in her soul, and the rhythm in her legs.

The administration tigers call her “the mommy” and define her as the mastermind in the group, emotional and expressive (real fire!), but at the same time firmly standing her ground.

She always knows what to say to make the people around her smile (or burst into laughter!). And on weekends it is difficult to find her in Sofia – she is miles from the noise and bustle both physically and mentally.

She is in the garden of a village, in nature – in her Escape!

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