The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our artist Angelina

This week, we will introduce you to the only true connoisseur and discoverer of beauty in the world. A guest in today’s edition of the Invincible Warriors is our Artist – Angelina Tashkova.

Ani is a native of Varna, or for those who don’t know, is one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. From her student years she came to live in Sofia, graduating from the National Academy of Arts, and shortly afterwards from New Bulgarian University with a degree in Graphics and Scenography. 

For those of you who are wondering what her favorite graphic technique is, it is lithography. 

From an early age, Annie knows she wants to be an artist. And in 4th grade she claims that she wants creativity as her profession. During her school years, she began making logos, labels – which ended up on the market. As a student, she already had large interior projects for wine exhibitions, shops and apartments. Good job girl! Work hard, play harder! 

At that time she was a designer of two wineries and worked on their projects. The work never stops here, ha? 

In the Imperia Online family, she came many years ago, and here she likes that her job actually requires her to paint. 

Let us tell you a little more about her interests and hobbies. Annie is passionate about mountaineering – all-season, skiing, cycling. Lates take a deep breath because that’s not all.

Photography, wilderness, sunsets – sunrises and also, drawing cartoons. Here we can add one of the crazy things she did, such as traveling a long distance during the night. Well, if you still haven’t figured it out, Imperia Online employees are crazy and hardworking.

In addition to Ani’s various hobbies, the list of destinations she has visited is just as diverse. We are talking about Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Russia, Bali…and so many more that we are wondering if the artists in the company have some extra weekends…

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