The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our Artist Boriana

I know you have probably missed your favourite weekly article because let’s face it – 3 weeks are a very long time without some gossiping about our colleagues, but buckle your seatbelts because today we will tell you all about another nobleman of the Imperial family, our 2D Artist – Boriana Stoyanova. 

Native of Sofia, at the age of two Boriana reached her impressive composition “Mouse in a Dark Basement”, which raises many questions for observers, the main one of which is: “Where is the mouse?”. Later, she began to draw sketches of homes and multifunctional furniture, forming in her the desire to become an architect one day. She graduated from the German High School, after which she decided that being an architect was very risky, because someday your muse will end, so she went to Munich to study Informatics and Information Technology. Sehr gut!

During her student years, she entered data into a courier company, and one day she was even sent on a special mission to Russia – this is how her first flight by plane took place. 

She also started painting again, until one day she realized that Germany was too small for her and returned to Bulgaria, where she enrolled at the New Bulgarian University. Here she started working as a freelance artist, in addition to Playboy and other lifestyle magazines and websites. She boasted that she had a lot of free time, which she used working in another company as an artist. But one day, after hearing about Imperia Online, she tells herself that this is her place and calls to book it. Calls who? Give us the number?  When she saw the people in the company, she shrugged her shoulders for the right decision. 

Аn interesting fact is that her interests turned out to be much more than her free time. Wow! How does this happen? Аt home she has a piano, violin, sewing mannequin, all kinds of consumables for various crafts and millions of textbooks in Hungarian, Spanish and other languages waiting to (learn how to) use them. Lately, she has been having fun learning Greek and Norwegian, as well as sewing and cutting. So many languages…Just know that she accepts all kinds of challenges. She shared that she loves to sing, take pictures and organize impossible sightseeing tours. Her list of places she visited turned out to be quite long, so we will note those she has not yet visited – South America (Argentina, Peru), Japan and Morocco. She does not refuse other destinations, because as you know the more, the better.

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