The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our Artist Valeri

As technology advances, there are some things that remain forever, and art is one of them, because what man creates with his own hands, no modern invention can achieve. With this slight hint, we guess it becomes clear to you that today’s hero of the Invisible Warriors is one of our unique artists – Valeri Petkov. 

Valeri was born and raised in Kazanlak, and from the beginning to the very end of his education he was always in art classes. He started at an art school in his hometown and finished with The National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) “Krastyo Sarafov”, majoring in Animation. Nice, ha? 

Depending on the age he wanted to become so many things. According to his earliest childhood memories, he wanted to be a superhero (Superman maybe?), then returned to reality and began to imagine how cool it would be to play in the NBA or become an astronaut, a diver, and why not an archaeologist, or to become one of the best comic artists. Wow! So many cool and different professions, but in the end, he chose the best one for him.. We are sure you will agree with us. Respectively, after one or two unsuccessful seasons in the high school basketball team, he concentrates on painting even more. During this period began the great passion for computer games, and more. 

As a student  he gained experience in animation illustration and also worked as a waiter, bartender, salesman, croupier (inspired by the movie “21” we guess), animator on various projects and freelancer. Let’s take a breath… Later he started working as an artist in a film studio, where he gained experience in mat-painting, storyboard and concept art. That’s what we called a hardworking man. The next step is Imperia Online. Can you guess from how long he has been part of the company? For 8 years! Whole 8 years enjoying the people he works with and in this case promised a party for everyone after we return to the office, at his expense, of course. The editorial team is very pleased with this news!

For those of you who don’t know from time to time, Valeri participates in exhibitions, for sports and just to act cool. He also enjoys playing sports, inventing games and drawing them. And we stick the label “traveler” on him, because he likes to travel… logically. Also, to his hobbies we add reading books and watching movies, and collecting comics. 

He shared with us that he doesn’t have a driving  licence. You know why? Because the bosses never drive. Acting cool again, ah? 

He has traveled to various places in Europe – Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, Austria and maybe a few more. As among all places, he adores Italy, guess why – for the pizza. Of course, he was also in Egypt, for which he is very grateful to the company.  His next target is Asia, so we can just wish him luck to visit it soon! 

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