The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our Coding Machine Yavor

“First solve the problem.

Then, write the code.” – John Johnson

Here’s how we will start today’s article. You read about translators, you read about artists, here is one coding machine – Yavor Stanoev, our iOS Developer. 

Yavor is a native of Sofia and he graduated from the Sofia Mathematical High School “Paisii Hilendarski”…We didn’t see your notebook…hope you had high marks. After high school he decided to follow the example of his family by enrolling in University of Architecture Civil Engineering and Geodesy. Well, it took him almost 2 years to realize that his future would not be in this field. From that moment he decided to turn to computers. 

As a child he really wanted to become a builder, but after a collision with reality, he realized that it was not for him. Yavor refused to go into detail about what he went through before coming to the Imperial team but we assure you that he worked hard, so now he’s performing even harder since joining us. And how did that happen? Well here is the moment to share with you that he is one of the successfully realized cadets of IT Talents season 11th. We shed a tear of joy again…but let’s not get so soft right now. 

Cool and positive colleagues, who are always ready to respond. Beer and pizza party in the office, after work, of course. Part of the things he likes most in the company and he assures us there are many mone. This is how bonuses are earned. In his case he will receive one – his favourite beer – red Bernard. You are welcome!

We didn’t understand how good he is at FIFA? Just looking for another player for the next tournament, you know. Even if he can’t hold the controller we are sure that he has interesting hobbies like the other colleagues. Yavor can boast that he played tennis but replaced it with beer after entering high school. Now his interest is to watch Premier League matches every Saturday and Sunday. He turned out to be a maniac on the subject of Lego, and  even started collecting it. 

Unfortunately, he can’t boast of traveling outside our country, but we are sure that this will happen very soon. Remember to share a picture, oh and presents for everybody…You know your colleagues  love you. And where does he want to go? Point to the map of the San Siro (Milan stadium) and to go far north to the vast Alaska…. New friends are never superfluous.

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