The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our HR Assistant Eli

After a short break, our HR Assistant – Elena Nocheva – returned to the large aquarium in the office so we decided it was time for her to be the next person featured at the Invincible Warriors of IO!

Eli was born in Pleven, the city known as the Wine Museum. She grew up in Smolyan, and later arrived in the capital, because it’s different to walk on the yellow cobblestones in Sofia! Here she graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of National and World Economy, majoring in Human Resources Management. She has no memory of what her childhood dream was, but surely, before she realized what it was to be an HR, she imagined doing some of the things that are this profession.

She came to the company starting as an HR Intern after only her 1st year at university, so some of her older colleagues have seen the stepping stones of her career.

And what does she like most about the company?

Friday snacks, cool parties! She shares that her work has always been very diverse (there is no day to repeat with the previous ones), but perhaps the most valuable thing for her is that over the years she has found many friends (there were moments when she waited over the weekend looking forward to Monday to share in the daily stand-up what happened to her).

If you are wondering what her hobbies and interests are, then we can share that Ellie loves to travel, read books and paint. If we’re stuck with artists, let’s call, huh?

And as a real emperor with a public profile on Facebook, we can see how she was tagged by Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, Croatia, Egypt, UAE … As in the future we expect more hashtags and photos from other exotic destinations, Eli. And if you have followed all the issues of the weekly Invincible Warriors, you will know that magnets are brought from holidays, and a party at the office is thrown at your expense!

Long live the Administration!

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