The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our movie star Bobby

We are going to start with a different approach today and it’s going to be with an accountant joke. And not just a basic joke, but one that’s made up from our company. ALERT, LAUGH! 

From the Accounting Office of Imperia Online:

– Where are the ITs? I urgently need them!

– Did you try calling them?

– Yeah! I’ve been pressing F1 for like an hour!

With this joke you’ve probably guessed who our special person will be this week – it is our Chief Accountant who is the star of this Imperia Offline article! He accepted the challenge of sharing a bit more about the person who sits behind the messy desk at the accounting office.

If you think that his childhood dream job was accounting – the language of all business – you almost guessed it.

Before that though, like every normal child Bobby dreamt about putting on the police uniform and chasing bad guys.

He graduated with an accounting degree and without any hesitation he soon enrolled on a job at an accounting house where he spent the next 10 years there. And you thought that we at Imperia are the only ones enjoying his face every morning…

He rejected us when we raised the topic of hobbies with the excuse “I don’t have time for that” What is he really doing then, one would wonder? And yet again when he has a bit of spare time, he puts on his doctor’s robe and goes to “cure” his only patient – his car.

We asked him if he had a favourite colleague in our company and you’d be surprised, but his answer was “yes” – his colleagues at the IRS.

You know that our employees are kind of weird people with multiple talents, but not our Bobby.

The only pieces of talent he says he has are some form of singing… which will probably only result in a headache, rather than something nice. We all know that nothing can be left hidden in the Administration, more or less when she’s using Google as an ally.

It seems that the grumpy face, which occasionally forgets to greet you with a “Good Morning” is an amazing copy of the character of Stannis Baratheon from Game of Thrones!

If you’ve been wondering what that constant resting face means, it’s: “Payment day? Not today.”

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