The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our QA Petya

Today’s hero of our weekly articles is Petya, our QA. She was born in such a calm, harmonious and charming city- Pleven.

She has been living in Varna since she was 7 years old and after she moved to Sofia 15 years ago. As a child, she dreamed of one day becoming a vet or working in a zoo because she loves animals so much. She graduated from a language high school with Russian language, and got her tourism bachelor at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski’s Tourism college. 

Before coming to the company she had various of jobs. This is not the first time we have seen how hardworking each member of the imperial family is. Petya goes through a sales consultant, head of an accounting department in an online store and what not, reaching an administrator role of a site for collective shopping at Sofia Notary.

She found out about Imperia Online through an online recruiting site.. The truth is that Petya took an 8-month QA course at Information Services AD, started applying for various job offerings and liked the project in the Imperia Online the most.

And what does Petya like most in the company? We will not surprise you with her answer, because Petya likes the colleagues she works with the most. Do not understand only those with whom you work directly, but in general the people in the company and last but not least – the nature of its work.

And what does she do in her free time? Before becoming a happy parent, Petya loved to walk in parks and meadows, drink beers with friends, watch movies, read books and go to concerts. After the birth of her child, Petya’s favorite activities include arranging toys, reading children’s books and managing Legos.

And when we talk about travel, Petya is certainly not one of those girls who giggle like crazy and look forward to going on the plane. She turned out to be a real non-fan of travel. Still, she can boast a trip to Edirne, and she would be happy to go to Ireland to look for leprechauns.

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