The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our QA Plamena

Today’s hero of the Invincible Warriors of the Imperia Online is Plamena, our QA!

Plami was born in Razgrad. When she was at the age of 6, she dreamt of becoming an artist, buying the City Gallery and exhibiting only her paintings there. Unfortunately, however, enrollment in 1st grade Art class was unsuccessful, as there was a shortage of applicants. Instead she entered a language class and managed to learn two foreign languages ​​(English and Russian). She graduated from the local NPTG, majoring in “Programming”, then packed her luggage and came to Sofia, where she graduated from Sofia University – Faculty of Physics and majoring in “Communications and Electronics”.

She hopes that her professional realization will be somehow related to what she studied, but the only thing that the native telecoms could offer was an internship with an unclear program, duration and completion. So she broadened her horizons in search and a colleague from her university colleague, who works at a mobile game development company in a position to test them and brag about how much it was, she decided to try.

Until then, QA as a position / profession had never been heard of, but look at her now, what a rifle she is! Thus began her journey in the field of testing.

About a year later, she stumbled upon Imperia Online. After 2 tests and 2 interviews, she initially became part of the QA team of the next Imperia Mobile and a few months later part of the team that developed the mobile version of the game Imperia Online … And so for 5 years she’s been part of the team.

And what does she like most about the company? We haven’t seen her run to the kitchen by announcing Friday breakfast, which means we’re turning it off as an option. We see that she likes coffee, and yes, she mentioned that she likes working in the company because she has the freedom to do it on a variety of projects, different platforms and loves her colleagues, of course.

And do you wonder what he does in his free time? Sketching, reading books specifically the thriller / crime genre, a big BIG fan of the series is “Friends”, and yes – can also play games, like a few years mainly on the playstation The Last of Us Part II, Uncharted series, Hitman series, Mortal Kombat iii, etc.).

Walking with friends from Vitosha or where and from nature can also be a favorite way to spend time. An interesting fact for her is that although not obvious in her “tall” height, she trained basketball for almost 4 years in her school years. Which reminds the editorial, there is a basketball in the office, which needs testing..

He shared that he has not visited many places abroad, but if she has the opportunity, she would definitely go to Iceland or another Scandinavian country. Or also Canada.

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