The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our rose Dary

If you think that this week we will skip the  “The Invincible Warriors” column, you are sorely mistaken. Do you know how many people have not been “harassed” yet?

This week we present Darina Milanova, our Community Manager with Portuguese.

Dary is from Kazanlak, or better known as the center of the Rose Valley. But as wonderful as her home town as it is, life in Sofia is a whole different story. She graduated in Portuguese Philology and Cultural Heritage Management at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”. She likes to listen to music and go to concerts. What do you think was her childhood dream? Will we expand the imperial orchestra, or will we look for a duet partner? …

Before coming to Imperia Online, she worked as a translator for Portuguese and Brazilian series. Cool right?And her arrival in the company happened in the distant 2009, as Dari is one of our 3 translators with Portuguese language. We are very lucky. But who are the other two? Have a little patience, you will soon find out…And what has kept her in the company for so many years? Well, even today we won’t surprise you much with the answer, because she first refers to the cool people she works with. The casual atmosphere, the parties, the fruits and patties in the office, the wine … Don’t think that we are hinting at something, in any case… We forgot to mention the players of IO, who amuse her more than make her angry. While she works she often bursts into laughter.

As for her hobbies and interests, Dary can boast that her biggest hobby, which she turns into work, are books. She reads a lot and everything, and for ten years she has been translating books by Brazilian and Portuguese authors, the most famous of whom is José Rodríguez dos Santos.

Until the end of high school she went to folk dances in her hometown, taking part in various festivals in and outside our country. I don’t know about the orchestra, but we gathered an ensemble up and down. Like other colleagues, she loves to travel around the world, although this hasn’t been happening as much in our country for the last year.

Dary likes to visit Italy and Spain often because of the atmosphere, the food and the smiling people. She walks part of the Camino de Santiago route and, in addition to Europe, she also went to Japan! Well, don’t think she’s tired of traveling. The next destination on her wishlist is Chile, because of Isabel Allende’s novels, which she strongly likes, additionally South America and Africa. The editorial office will expect magnets!

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