The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our sportsman Mario

Without a life jacket we continue to swim in the deep waters of Middle Management, and this week we are presenting our Product Manager – Mario Vassilev.

We will start with good news for the football fan girls. Girls, instead of taking a flight to Portugal and freezing in the stadiums to see Ricardinho running after the ball, know that we have the same handsome man, but in the imperial office. Of course, any resemblance with real people and events is coincidental and completely unintentional…

Mario is a former graduate of National Trade and Banking School with a degree in Economic Informatics, and later successfully completed his higher education at UNWE – Marketing and Strategic Planning. As you can guess, his bachelor’s degree is somehow insufficient and he goes to Berlin, where he spends a year and a half working in a game distribution company (farms, princes and princesses…). Berlin gave him not only a Master’s degree – “International Marketing Management”, but also many other good moments that still pull him back there to this day. If he liked it so much, why didn’t he stay there? 

Ricardo… sorry, we mean Mario chose not to stay because he believes that in Bulgaria there is opportunity for self-expression and everyone can be part of the change they want to see.

He joins Imperia Online as a Marketing & Business Development intern for a month. He spent a year and a half there. After such a strong start, how do you expect NOT to become a Product Manager?!? And not managing any game, but SIEGE: WWII. His favourite thing about the company is the dynamics and the communication with the team, and not to mention the opportunity to break something at any moment and the overtime that comes to fix it – invaluable. #ifyoubreakityoubuyit

He shares with us that he likes to travel, but contrary to that he has a panicky fear that he will miss his plane someday. He noted that most of his travels are due to Imperia Online, so if you do not find many photos on his Facebook profile, know that he is a super hard-working fella who does not have time for photo shoots.

His athletic body is due to 6 years of karate training, 9 years of football, and now … lifting a spoon from a delicious soup.After 2 knee injuries, we can award Mario with a medal for the clumsiest most determined person here. Why the best? Did you see his brilliant performance at the Postbank Business Run this year?!? However, in his free time, in addition to moving these old bones, running in a park, he likes to read books or paint. Don’t hope to see any drawings from him. He loves to paint human faces, promising to demonstrate his skills when we return to the office. #weshallrememberthat

Until then, if you’re wondering how to surprise Mario, know that he wouldn’t refuse a vacation at the sea… so everyone by the coast if you’ve read this and be prepared to welcome Mario with some delicious treats.

After these lovely model-like photos, we have nothing to do but blink our eyelids out and faint in front of this unadulterated and raw beauty and close today’s article. Goodbye and have a pleasant week!

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