The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our sunny Vanya

Today’s hero in the column is Ivanka Pavlova, our Community Manager with German. 

Vanya is born and raised in Pazardzhik. During her childhood she dreamt about becoming a Fashion Designer as she devoted a lot of time to drawing patterns for clothes as well as sewing clothes for her dolls. But destiny had better plans for her. 

Vanya graduated from a language school in a class called Leistungsklasse. For those of you who don’t know, studying in language school is not easy at all. She confirmed that but also  added that she studied hard and partied harder. She received a diploma that allowed her to study at a university in Germany, but unfortunately that doesn’t fit in her plans. She went to Plovdiv where she enrolled to study Bulgarian and German philology at Plovdiv University. 

After she graduated she worked for two months as a Bulgarian language teacher in 5th, 7th and 8th class. Well, these two months were enough for her to realise that this teacher’s stuff is not for her. She could laugh with the kids at their jokes, rather than maintain order and discipline. In 2008 she moved to Sofia with her current husband with whom have been together for 10 years and has 2 wonderful children. 

Before coming to the Imperial family, Vania used to work like a translator in a company that was engaged in developing and maintaining a weight loss program. Excuse me, can you give us some contacts? It is hard to get in shape after such a long home office. 

She came to the Imperia Online in 2009 sharing her memories from that year:

  • The team was small but extremely friendly and the atmosphere was very conductive. – she said. 

She loves her job in Imperia Online more and more with each passing year. She loves her colleagues, appreciates her achievements, humanity and commitment of the management to the employees of the company. But believe us, she knows for sure how to relax during her free time. Just like the other employees, she has a lot of hobbies like – reading and cooking. Are you preparing for Masterchef or something?…

She shares:

  • Good food is of paramount importance for a good life and that is why I prepare every dish with love.

Well Vanya, don’t forget to bring some delicious dishes to the office. Reading a book under a thick shadow  – that’s what she called a perfect rest. She said that she is not such a big traveler, but we don’t believe that, do we? 

Of all the places she visited, she has been in Germany most. What a surprise ha?  This time we received a beautiful answer to the question “Where is your dream to go?”, which we had not heard before: 

  • It often happens to me, while reading a book, that I wish to go to the meat that is told in it, so that I can see live where the action takes place. So once I want to go to Russia, another time to Norway, and so on. 

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