The Invincible Warriors of IO: Sea Love Stories

New Year – new gossip related news about a colleague from the Imperial family. I know you’ve probably missed this.

Today we will tell you about Ivan Arabadjiev, one of the successful cadets of Imperia Online’s Training Camp – IT Talents. At this point we’re not sure how many people we’ve employed from there…

Another sea boy in our team (hopefully this one owns a yacht!). Ivan grew up in Pomorie, 20 meters from the beach and, as you can guess, he also has not heard of an umbrella. Why? Because as a child he used to catch so much tan that the only white on him were his eyes, teeth and white pants. Like every person who lives near the coast he’s immune against sunburn. 

He graduated from the Mathematical High School in Burgas. Unlike a normal person he enjoyed maths very much, he was also interested in the natural sciences and more precisely, biology. We just didn’t know if he wanted to be Dr. House’s colleague or a worker for Pablo Escobar, though he would need a bit of chemistry there as well.

After all these thoughts and passions, Vankata turned to programming, studying Software Engineering at Sofia University. Kliment Ohridski ”. Realizing that he could add more to the bag of university knowledge, he enrolled in an additional course that prepared him for the digital future. While studying, of course, in addition to jars of homemade lyutenitsa and pickles, he worked as a bartender – in Sofia and in the summer – in Sunny Beach. With the shaker next to his computer you can easily guess which desk is his.

He was working in an Irish pub for the longest time, pouring Guinness and listening to the commentators of GGA matches all day, here we give a clarification that this is a “famous” Irish sport, something like football, but maybe with your hands. You should have seen the puzzled face of the editorial team when mentioning this. GGA? What’s this?

After attending a programming course for a while, Ivan found out about our Training Camp  and without hesitation he applied and soon enough accepted into the course. If you think that by coming to ours, he turned his back to the other course, you are terribly wrong. We all know how hardworking and responsible he is, so Ivan actually attended lectures in both places until the time came to choose where to start work. Well, you know what his choice was. He didn’t even think for a second if that was the right decision. Of course it was right!

For people who have not yet had the pleasure of getting to know him, let us tell you that he loves flowers and grows a lot of them home, so much that you can even find flowers on his desk. If by coincidence he answers slowly on Skype, then know that there is an urgent matter – to water his flowers. There is also a cat in his life, though it is an unusual one, not a normal kitty which wastes their time jumping and pushing the Christmas tree, but from those cool ones who just make a hole in the sofa all day. If he hadn’t had bouts of uncontrollable sneezing indoors with a dog, there would have probably not been a cat eating his furniture at home.

As a true emperor, he also likes to play games and read books, although lately he has less and less time for it. He shares that he mostly reads fantasy. A nature lover, he loves to walk in the mountains, but if you plan to invite him to a mountain trek – forget it. Rather, bet on a walk without raising his heart rate much. In addition to mixing dizzying cocktails, Ivan also loves to cook, sharing that it calms him down. As a typical sea boy, he prefers warm and sea destinations, and one of his dreams is to go on a cruise, where he will be on a different island every two days. How modest…

The editorial is waiting for an invite on that cruise ship! If not there won’t be any gossip next week, so whoever reads this better convince Ivan to invite us! On that note… we wish you a pleasant and calm weekend as if you’re roaming around on a boat in the open sea.

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