The Invincible Warriors of IO: The Harmony in nature

Today once again we are sharing new and exciting facts about one of the members of the Imperia Family.

Her name is Lora and she is one of the many successfully graduated students from our academy – IT Talents. Once kids dreamt about becoming astronauts, but not our Lora. Her child dream was was to be part of the mounted police. But once she got older her career took a drastic leap towards engineering. She has graduated with a chemical engineering degree and even for a short while she has worked as one. Love is chemistry, people say… if this is true can you imagine what would happen if we mix the love for chemistry and the penchant for engineering?

She, like the other hidden talents in the company, has interesting hobbies – one of them is folklore dances. She defines it as “the one thing” that relaxes her and at the same time keeps her in shape. Let’s not forget that during the pandemic the exercises that include walking from the couch to the fridge are not enough.

And while we’re on the topic of sports – Lora is considering to get into swimming as well. Because swimming goes well with dancing, you know.

Lora also loves photography and she’s not bad at it. You can check her work on her Instagram page:

She claims it’s nothing special, but as you can see that is far from the case. She also likes to hike as well, that is the thing, which saves her from dying of boredness during weekends and charges her up with positive emotions for the upcoming week.

Ah, the young people and their desperate need to… fill on positive emotions. Sometimes a person just needs to fill on… silence and beer. That is because the distance between the fridge and the couch is not easy to walk!

Have a good rest of the week and see you on Friday for the next article where we will be sharing about the iconic and fascinating Art we have!

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