The Invincible Warriors of IO: The Imperial Director – Tony

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

But let’s first give a big WOW to our Web Designer – Antoniy Demirev, who is today’s hero in the weekly column of “Invincible Warriors of IO”.

Tony is from Yambol, and according to him this is the coolest city in Bulgaria. If you don’t believe, ask our QA Marin. Are you two neighbours or something…? He graduated from New Bulgarian University “Animation Cinema” Department of “Cinema, Advertising and Show Business” – Bachelor’s degree. As a child he really wanted to become an architect, but you know, mathematics is not for everyone, including him. However, he does not regret it because he knows better days will come. Like PayDay!

Before coming to the Imperial Family, he basically went through all kinds of jobs  – internet-club , soldier, special effects in cinema and advertising and web-designer. Web designer, WOW serious? We didn’t know that…He came into the company a long time ago, because for those of you who don’t know, Tony is the company’s first designer ever. Everyone applauses!

And his stay in the company for so many years is due to the fact that he works with such cool colleagues, and the fact that he works on a product. –

-To develop a product is very cool! – he said. 

He also noted the following: 

-I know the people in the company, I know what they want!

We were curious to find out what kind of hobbies one Web designer has. Tony spends his days trying to play the guitar but for now his attempts have been unsuccessful. We believe in you man! He also makes videos for social networks because that is something that is very interesting to him. What about wedding videos? Would you deal with them? Just asking for a friend, you now? 

Another fact for him is that he likes to listen to heavy metal music, ride a bike and watch movies. Of course he also turned out to be a traveler, in addition to a long list of different destinations he boasted that he lived for half a year in Calgary, Canada. We won’t go into detail about how much he liked it there because we will put some pictures as a proof. 

He also said that he really liked Egypt, dreaming with the cool Imperia Online team to go abroad together. Oh how we miss the office…

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