The Invincible Warriors of IO: The Mighty Elena

Did you miss us? The team took some much needed break, despite that we have returned with full speed and have prepared for the upcoming weeks very interesting topics that we would like to share with you guys. Though let’s leave the future thoughts for now and focus on the present.

A brand new edition of the Invincible Warriors of IO awaits you! Today we are going to share some facts about our beautiful Elena, not the one from the Trojan War, but our Elena who is part of the imperial family, of course. Likewise most of our colleagues she was also one of the successfully graduated students of our academy – IT Talents, who this week underwent a detailed interrogation from our HR Team. It’s not easy for them either.

We are kicking off with Elena’s home city – the lovely Capital of Culture for 2019 Plovdiv. In Love with her city, it’s not only her who has taken a liking to the city, (who wouldn’?!), Elena doesn’t miss an opportunity to take a stroll down the high street of the city or go and chill on one of the hills every time she goes home to visit. Well Sofia gets quite boring after some time, we definitely need some diversity in the current situation.

When we had our conversation with her, Elly missed the opportunity to share with us that it was then when Plovdiv Beer Fest was going and if she “happens” to take a pay leave for a day or two – we would know where to find her.

You are probably wondering – how did this wonderful madam found herself in this industry, is she a gamer herself? Well, of course she is – actually it was the curiosity she had in regard to the creation of a game that led to her penchant for coding. And now she even works for a company that is linked with the initial interest that aroused in her and later on became her permanent job. 

Coding isn’t the only thing that she has a penchant for. Additionally she is a fan of the wild and nature – she loves to spend time amongst her family – the bushes and trees, ready to fire up a barbeque at any time. (Let’s hope this doesn’t end up being a fancy balcony with lots of houseplants and mini barbeques from a furniture shop.. the neighbors won’t be pleased!) After all, who doesn’t fancy something to eat?

Another interesting fact around her is that during quarantine she kind of got hooked on playing the guitar. In other words one more member of the musical family of IO. Does she have an instrument when joining only this recently? Of course! (Hell yeah!) For her birthday she received a guitar which still serves as a learning tool. Is this “gift” because of a hint she gave, she didn’t want to share with us.

As a mysterious and not so smooth end to this article she shared with us that one of her dreams is to visit Positano, Italy.

With this spectacular end we will be wishing you a nice weekend, who should not be filled with any travelling to long distance destinations! Okay, maybe only visiting the store… for food for the BBQ, because going outside of it is kinda dangerous… after all, winter is coming! 🙂

Until next time!

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