The Invincible Warriors of IO: The newest addition to the family – Mila

I know you have probably missed your favourite weekly article because let’s face it – two weeks is a very long time without some gossiping about our colleagues, but buckle your seatbelts because today we will tell you all about another nobleman of the Imperial family, our UI / UX designer – Mila Nikolova.

Born in Burgas, she ran away from the Sea Garden and went to study in gloomy England, spending a total of 8 years there. Rainy or not, you know that every country has many sides, and Mila manages to find some bright light about London and it’s charm.

She graduated in Business Management from the University of Westminster and this is the moment when we hand the napkins to the crying National Labour Market … out of laughter, of course. All of a sudden everyone became managers?! We’re happy that the Imperial Family is welcoming more and more new and creative people. ‘Business Management’ or not, these are all pluses which Mila adds to her portfolio.

As you have already understood, some colleagues have photographic skills, others a YouTube channel, and our Mila unleashes her creative soul, creating her beauty account “Dose of Beauty” from cosmetics, innovations and photography.

She doesn’t dare say how much of a party animal she was, but we certainly know that work isn’t one of the things that scare her. During her student years she founded two startups, trying to gain more experience in the field of Digital Marketing and Branding. If you were wondering what requirements you need to meet to work there, the answer is only one – Multifunctionality! Why? Because Mila didn’t realise she would have to take on the role of HR, Accountant or even babysitter (Men, don’t get all happy…). This is how she manages to get a glimpse of Product Development and find her safe haven – the intersection between business goals and consumer needs – UX. And here she is on imperial territory.

If you have lacked a basketball player, know that we have +1 now. Mila told us that she has always loved sports, she started with tennis, then, inspired by Michael Phelps, she went to the national swimming team, and at school she demonstrated her involvement in the basketball team.

As one of her favourite hobbies, she shared – nature walks. Walks again… Who gets lost on a hike in Thailand like it’s normal? And just so you know, if it smells good in the office, then Mila may have mashed up some Asian food and brought it… of course not to share it with her hungry colleagues.

And on this delicious note we’re ending this week’s article! Stay tuned and keep your eyes open because next week we will be attending a lot of interesting events and conferences! Have a good weekend folks!

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