The Invincible Warriors of IO: The one with the Android Developer

This week, someone special decided to tell a little more about themselves in front of the microphone of the Weekly Newsletter. Her name is Nancy Uzunova, our Android Developer.

Nancy’s birthplace is Ablanitsa – a village in the Western Rhodopes, near Gotse Delchev, and the border with Greece is only 20 minutes away. I suppose by now that you can guess where Nancy spends the summer (don’t be jealous!). During her childhood, she wanted to be a lawyer, then a doctor – all serious kinds of professions, but later she realized that she would not become a doctor because she was sick of the sight of blood. And after a while going over these thoughts and passions, she decides to turn to mathematics … (Editor’s note: – Because there is no blood in mathematics, isn’t it? Ask my former teacher!)

She is currently a 4th year student majoring in Computer Science at Sofia University and hopes to receive a higher education diploma soon. We are sure that the toga will suit you very well, Nancy… and we also hope we get invited to the ceremony. She shares that it is education that laid the foundations of her career as a developer. She learned a lot of things in Season 11 of IT Talents too and most of all – after arriving in the Imperial Family.

Are you wondering how she feels in the company? Well, like everyone else – more than wonderful! She shares that she feels very good at work, she likes company meetings and is looking forward to the Weekly Bulletin of Imperia Online. Ah, we forgot to say that she likes her colleagues very much. She is most pleased, however, with the help she receives as a new nobleman to the imperial family. Nancy may not have read the previous issues of the Bulletin, because the code words for “thanks” are Jim Beam, Jack, Finlandia and so on. It’s okay, Nancy, we forgive you because you’re still a newbie.

Another interesting thing about Nancy is that she wins a lot of essay writing trips at school. Brussels, Rome and Palermo are just some of the destinations that her essays provide her. She also went to Madrid on a student exchange program, where she stayed with the family of a girl her age and went to school with her for a week. But before that, of course, it were the spanish students from Madrid that first came to Ablanitsa, where Nancy was showing them the hidden beauties of the village.

Well, Nancy can’t hide her love of travel (who can) and even this year she manages to visit places like Istanbul, Germany and Paris. But perhaps the destination that attracts her the most is Positano. She even claims he wants to live there. Why? Apart from being hellishly beautiful, Nancy turned out to be a big fan of Italian cuisine and wine.

Regarding her hobbies, she shares that she likes to cook and try new recipes and especially to cook with her grandmother. And where does this interest and love come from? From the fact that she likes to eat and enjoy food. If you do not understand, a woman’s love passes through the stomach. At this point, Nancy is happy that the treats do not stick to her body because she is into sports. Here we can only calm you down, girl, and invite you to join an imperial run.

Lately, she shares that she is passionate about history and watches a lot of historical series, reads articles, buт she doesn’t have much time left for sessions, work and … eating. And yes, we forgot to say that she is crazy about the series “Friends”. Even if she has just finished it, she will immediately start it all over again, currently watching it for the 6th time.

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