The Invincible Warriors of IO: The one with the yoga

This week we are presenting you with our Community Manager with German – Ivanina Evgenieva – Pirkova.

Iva grew up in a picturesque Balkan village near Montana – Belimel. She studied at the German Language High School in Montana “Peter Bogdan” GPCHE, and to make it even more difficult, she successfully passed an internal exam and was admitted to a special class with intensive study of German, Leistungsklasse, in the class of the people with the highest grades. Her teacher’s name was Ingrid Krauss and she was more than crazy… Why? Because once she ate a piece of chalk to show a word that the others did not understand. In addition to studying hard, Iveto took part in various sports competitions at school, and once even managed to grab a medal for long jump.

She received a German diploma, which allowed her to study at universities in Germany without an entrance exam, and as you can guess, she did. She flew to Frankfurt, but after a certain period of time there she realized that living abroad was not for her and returned to Bulgaria. Her next location is Veliko Tarnovo, where she graduated in German Philology. Why German again? So much studying … In general, she summarizes her student years in this way – uninteresting – only studying and nothing else. While studying, she realized that Veliko Tarnovo was not her desired place and moved to Sofia.

She came to Imperia Online in the distant 2010 through an ad on in the Balkan office, as an interview with our CОO Cvetan Rusimov. Velislav was probably late again. She really wanted to start in the company, and her sixth sense told her that this was her place and that this is where she would feel happy – as it happened.

During all these years, she gathers wonderful moments with her colleagues, especially the team building trips. Ivche, is this a hint?… Apart from the cool colleagues, the company is significant with something else for it. Here she finds her soulmate – Gandhi, with whom they enjoy their sunny child named David.

As for her hobbies and interests, you should know that she loves long aimless walks in nature and especially in her homeland. The feeling of freedom and energy that nature gives her are priceless… For about a year now, jokingly, she has been practicing yoga, actively practicing it, she is trying to teach her body flexibility and endurance.

We crushed another fan of the series “Friends” because Iveto shared that this is one of the ways to improve her mood. Nancy, how many more people are left to find from the Friends fan group?

It is no secret for some of you that Iveto is a fan of the Rammstein band, and that when she is hungry, it is better not to be around her, because she becomes quite aggressive and just might eat you as well… As an exemplary traveler, her list of destinations is not small and she hopes to add another magnet to her fridge this year. Maldives, Paris… She said that she liked Egypt a lot … this is certainly not a hint, she just likes to say it.

With this comprehensive story we end the weekly edition of The Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online! We wish everyone a nice weekend!

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