The Invincible Warriors of IO: The snowboarding machine – Robusta!

This week under the spotlight of the Weekly Bulletin will be Alexander Nikolov or better known as “Robusta”, our PHP Developer. In other words – another coding machine!

He grew up and still lives in Sofia or, as we like to say, one of the few true sofians in the company. He graduated from the Technical College at the Technical University of Sofia – there he and our other Lead Developer Saho were colleagues.

He defines himself more as a realist, with hints of pessimism. His childhood dream was to become an archaeologist, but fate obviously had other plans for him. Before joining the imperial family, he was helping in the family business, even when he was under the legal age for working. But that doesn’t surprise us, does it? Everyone knows what kind of worker Robusta is. He came to Imperia Online many years ago – for those who don’t know – he was one of the first developers in the company. Immediately after graduation, Saho called him to ask if he wanted to be a developer here. He was also the man who arranged for him to be interviewed by Moni, and, as you may recall, the rest is history.

And what does he like in the company? Well, the editorial office is wondering whether to cross out this question … It always receives the same answers. Robusta likes people the most and the work itself with the opportunities it offers. In his free time he enjoys playing pool, mountaineering, board games, books, cooking and snowboarding. Besides finding time to experiment with different hobbies, Robusta also finds time to travel. Some of the places he has visited are – Italy, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia and Montenegro. And where is his dream to go?

 – There are many places, especially the ancient ruins of the Aztecs and Mayans in South America, as well as winter resorts in the Alps that I have not visited. – he said.

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