The Invincible Warriors of IO: The Talented Vicky

In this week’s edition of the blog, we present you Victoria Tzvetanova – one of the most successful cadets of the IT Talents Training Camp.

Modern dance can be a beauty but also a challenge. Why do we say this? Because it turns out that our Vicky has dedicated many years to the art of dance. 

Also, she has sung in a choir for almost 15 years. However, to everyone’s surprise, she still does not have enough courage to sing in a karaoke bar.

P.S: Unlike other people who did not bother to tell us that they have participated in X Factor.. right? We were even forced to look at photographs…

The interesting facts about Victoria do not stop here! 

Capturing the natural emotions of the person in front of her, Vicky’s favorite hobby at this moment is portrait photography. 

And the only sport she is good at (according to her) is running. Perhaps, this is because it is not necessary to have much coordination. 

The only game she is playing currently is Baloot Royale. Every day. Eight hours at least. 

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