The Invincible Warriors of IO: The top FIFA player in the company

In today’s article of The Invincible Warriors we will introduce you to one of the long-term residents of the company. You’d probably say – well, most of the people at Imperia have been working there for a long time, but you may become familiar with who I am talking about – the person who forgets to mute his microphone during a corporate company meeting – Ilian Iliev, our Senior Developer.

Here are some of his confessions:

Born and raised in Sofia, Ilian studied at an Economics based high school, then decided to continue to study it at university which resulted in him generally spending 10 years of his life around economics, after majoring in “Marketing and Advertising”. Over time, he decides that marketing is not quite the thing for him and changes it up a bit by diving straight into programming. 

He boasts that he has taken many different self-educational courses in parallel with the university. The editors of this article are curious as to whether he took one in “Hairdressing”? Not for anything else, just to assign one more duty to his daily routine at work. In this line of thinking, Ilian tactically did not share that the course in “Hairdressing” is among his first honors, because from the age of 13 he’s been cutting his own hair. Nothing to be ashamed of, right? There’s no such thing as a bad job role.

He also shared that in his early years, instead of knitting wreaths for the girls in front of the block, he was occupied most of the time with his skateboard. He has tried ice skating as well and to this day claims that he can still ice skate… only with a trash bag under him and down the hill.

How did he become part of Imperia Online? Well, quite spontaneously… by attending one of his many courses. He didn’t know back then that that would actually become his favourite thing to do.

He started coding on Front-end, after going through Back-end, and finally he was promoted to dealing with the Administration’s dramas with the printer and the other fancy electronics. Do not think that it is easy to print documents all day. The good thing is that at least he heard about events like “Career Days” and found out about Imperia Online. What would we do without him?

He brags that he has several FIFA cups and football tournaments in his back pocket.. You know that the most important thing is not to win, but to take part.. We should test him to confirm these claims… we haven’t seen any cups around his desk?

The most impressive thing though is his statuette from Forbes for “Employee of the Month”, shortly afterwards he receives a second one but in-house at Imperia. And yes, he was 10 kilos heavier back then, but so what, you should see him now… Apollo has nothing on him.

Among his hobbies, in addition to eating and drinking until his stomach is too heavy to carry it + “educational” music, he shares that he loves to travel – lately this has been happening only in Bulgaria. Our mountains, our sea … or the wild beaches, as Dimitroff-of-of says.

On the weekends he likes to go kayaking on a dam and then sip on a beer after the long day of “exercising”, of course.

Recently he has also become interested in psychology and personal finance. He can also try nuclear physics if he wants, if of course, he has time for another hobby.

And we’re ending this article on a funny note. Tune in on Friday as we’ll be sharing an article about the ART that comes out of Imperia Online!

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