The Invincible Warriors of IO: The Virtuoso Artist

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” – Salvador Dali

An artist, who knows how to bring color to our typical Tuesday, was nominated for this week’s edition of the blog. His name is Pavel Bayraktarski.

How does one become an artist? Believe it or not, since he was little, he has been drawing mainly BMW cars. 

His job matching his educational qualification, one can say he is a real talent. Wondering if artists can feed a family just by “making” art? The answer is YES!

What is more, they can buy two BMW cars, which means it is time to alert the NRA because let’s be serious – an artist does not have that much money..

In case you ask yourselves where he is shredding the tires of the BMW, the answer is nowhere. Do you know how much a set of tires costs?!?

Another big passion of Pavel is comics and movies. He is a big fan of the Japanese art and culture. His favorite comic is called “Blade Of The Immortal” because of the incredible story and the amazing well-known artist Hiroaki Samura. When it comes to movies, though, the list is so big that he cannot choose. However, the titles “Aliens”, “Drive”, “Ghost In The Shell” and “A Bittersweet Life” were the first ones to pop up in his mind.

Who is the man that knows how to bring color 🎨 to a typical day at work? Find out in the next edition of The Invincible Warriors of IO ⚔️:

Публикувахте от Imperia Online JSC в Сряда, 19 август 2020 г.

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