The Invincible Warriors of IO: The youngest member of Imperia Online

This week we present to you our new Intern Developer – Kiril Chingarov, who will be part of our SIEGE team, led by Uncle Mario.

Kireto is a city boy, he was born and lives in Sofia, but spent the first few years in a village in the municipality of Strumyani, Sandanski. He is part of the 32nd graduate of the Technological School “Electronic Systems” at the Technical University of Sofia and will apply to Sofia University with a degree in Software Engineering. Don’t forget to buy some chocolates for the office after you graduate!

From the moment he entered TUES, he decided that if he’s gonna work something for the rest of his life, let it be something he likes – games. Finally, he received a combination of 5 years of programming training and thanks to the fact that he’s a game fan – he became a game dev.

And why did he choose Imperia Online. This is a very good question. – he said. After his first meeting with the people from the company – Geri and Gabi Gerenska. During his internships at school, he decided that if he was going to start his career as a game dev, let him be in a company where the people I would work with were nice and passionate about games like me. I hope you are good at FIFA… In the company at this stage he shared that he likes the atmosphere that reigns and that everyone addresses each other as if they were old friends.

As for his hobbies and interests, he has several, the biggest of which are – to play video games, technology (from robots to 3D printers), space and cars.

He will continue to expand his list of different destinations, and so far he has had the good fortune to travel to only 2 countries: Greece and India, and his trip to India was relatively recent – 3 years ago. There he enjoyed a different culture, but at the same time he felt far from home. And yet he dreams that one day he will have the opportunity to visit Japan, the land of the rising sun. The country and its people impress him with culture, traditions, history and architecture and he would be happy to get to know them better. You know, Kire – those who travel the world, bring magnets to their colleagues … Write it down! 

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