The Invincible Warriors of IO: Travelling, coding and more

This week the hero of the Weekly Bulletin is our PHP Developer – Viktor Velikov.

Victor, а native of Ruse or for those who do not know – Little Vienna in Bulgaria, graduated from the University of National and World Economy with a degree in International Economic Relations. Or as he says it “Really easy 4 years“ 

As a child, he did not want to become an astronaut or a superhero, but something more… His big dream was to one day be rich! Apart from being a lover of healthy eating, he also turned out to be a great employee. But that’s how it’s done! If you want to be rich and have millions, you need to work hard.

Before joining the company, Victor worked as a bartender – 1 year in a restaurant, 5 summers at sea and 2 years for eBay. And after making millions, he enrolled in the 1st Imperial Training Camp. After becoming a real coding machine, he came to the Imperia Online family.

And what does he like most about the company? Let’s get to the word… The best thing is the unhealthy snacks every Friday. Oats are oats, but warm pastries are TOP.

Also, the cool FIFA colleagues who let him beat him every time. What a gentleman! In his free time he likes to play Football, FIFA, Games (all kinds – computer, PS), Formula 1.

He also loves snowboarding and traveling a lot. How many countries has he visited you might ask? Well the list is thick and long: Greece, Albania, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, England, Thailand, Cambodia, Maldives, Egypt, Qatar. He leaves for France on Monday and will return to Belgium and Luxembourg next month. That’s how millionaires are, they have a hard life.

He said that he wanted to go a little north – Norway, Iceland. That’s why he was so impressed by the photos of George from the Faroe Islands at our previous all staff meeting. He also plans 1 month in the USA with a camper.

And the editorial office plans to suggest to some people to stop their vacation days and take this young man to his desk at the office, huh?

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