The Invincible Warriors of IO: Italian Love

“Trovate sempre il tempo di dedicarvi alle cose che vi rendono felici e vi fanno sentire vivi.”

Or if you are looking for a translation, then ask our Community Manager with Italian, because even google translate can not translate it better than her. 

Mikhaela is from Sofia, but she has foreign roots as well. As a child, she wanted to paint and thanks to this she met the Italian language. After 7th grade, she was accepted to the Vocational School of Textile and Fashion Design, and during the first year she did not have a single hour of painting, but instead had 13 hours of Italian.

After that, Italian lessons were drastically reduced, but there were paintings, graphics, loom weaving, drypoint, plastic anatomy and other interesting subjects. 

She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Italian Philology and a Master’s degree in Public Relations from Sofia University. Kliment Ohridski ”. Good job, girl! She can boast that she taught Italian for 2 years and even remembers how she had a group of Italians to whom she taught Bulgarian.

She came to Imperia Online absolutely by accident. She had a friend who worked for the company and  told her how great his job was. One day, this friend mentions to her how the company is looking for a person with Italian and so in August she will complete 7 years since she has been in the company. Prepare the champagne! And what she likes most about the company? Above all, the people he works with after-hours games, the parties and many more… Even during her first week in the company, she remembers how a colleague “shot” her with a pistol with rubber arrows #OnceUponATimeInTheOffice

Regarding her hobbies, at the moment Misha likes to cook at home more and more, as well as to run outside for tone.  You had to see her, what a runner she was only at the Postbank Business Run … She nostalgically remembers the trips abroad, which she misses more and more over time. She has been to Italy many times (what a surprise), also Spain, France, Monaco, Greece.

Her list of places she wants to visit includes Japan, China (pandas, pandas, pandis) and some of the Scandinavian countries, as well as Italy, of course – she has identified many more places there.


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