The new Emperor Henry brings another portion of epicness to the empire

It’s not only about gifts and celebration, Influencer Wars are coming to the horizon with a pace faster than ever

It has been a while since we have Emperor Henry in town. And it’s been a blast! We can honestly say that his exceptional appearance has brought a new life and more excitement to the realm. A true ruler knows how it’s done. By now you must be well aware of the new Empire’s ruler and his way of doing things. If you’ve missed it or your memories are kind of blurry, you can check here Henry’s vision for a prosperous empire.

Influencer Wars

Influencer what?

As cheesy as it sounds, we have chosen and appointed our mighty warriors who lead the most elite alliances in the Influencer realm and guide their people to victory. Have you not logged in there yet? Choose wisely and make sure that you are in the right alliance, because the competition is fierce. The next couple of months will be full of epic battles, exciting missions and a lot of opportunities to turn the ship around and become one of the best.

In order to keep up and always be updated, you can feel free to subscribe and follow our trusted warriors. Do not miss the opportunity to get updated about everything that is happening:

We have made that even easier, because the Influencers will be able to upload videos in the Imperia Online’s platform especially for the players. Get Imperia Online on your phone (join the Influencer Wars realm if you are in Bulgaria): iOS or Android.

And now, if you have read our previous article, you probably have no patience left and you want to see the second part of our epic comics and learn how the story ends. Well, we don’t want to torture you anymore, so enjoy the rest of the story below:

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