The new Imperia Online 2019 World Champion is called Romania

Our game’s most persistent national team finally grabbed the long-awaited title.

Romania finally did it.

After several years of compromises, sacrifices and mishaps, our game’s most solid and persistent national team finally climbed up the highest possible step and became the 2019 Imperia Online World Champion.

The Romanians declared their goal for this tournament way before the Qualifiers’ launch and many of the spectators took their words for pure nonsense, citing previous problems and misplays, which cost the team the first place.

Well, those unbelievers quickly dematerialized, because Romania seized the competition’s leading place pretty early in the Group Phase and demonstrated unparalleled power and potential, which startled pretty much everyone.

The frightening domination became even more obvious at the start of the Grand Finale, where Romania was the team, who dictated the entire realm’s pace and determined who gets castles and influence points and who’s out.

These were the conditions with which Brazil had to cope – the team we all expected to clash with Romania and challenge her for the gold medal.

And the South Americans pretty much lived up to the expectations, giving Romania a serious run for their money. Up until the tournament’s last week, when Celesao gave in to the pressure and made a mistake, which cost them not only the title, but the silver medal as well.

Which brings us to this year’s winner in the “Imperia Online Opportunist” category – USA.

When the former World Champion stepped into the fight for the title and we saw its team composition, pretty much none of the spectators dared to put it into the final Top 3.

Yes, major players like and oodirem were present, but we all thought they won’t be enough for a medal.

But obviously USA thought otherwise.

The North American powerhouse assumed the third place at the start of the Final Phase and patiently waited for either Romania or Brazil to make a mistake.

And when that mistake finally happened, USA showed us all what you do, when you are a predator and you smell blood – you pounce and you make a final run for the silver medal, giving everything you’ve got.

It was pure Imperia Online magic and a joy to watch USA getting ahead of Brazil literally hours before the World Cup’s end.

Well done to Egypt also for actually improving their ranking from last year, finishing at 4th place.

And well done to all the other 13 teams, who managed to win influence points in this merciless World Cup – Italy, Bulgaria, Peru, Russia, Colombia, Israel, Ukraine, Greece, Albania, Germany, Turkey, Mexico and Macedonia!One thing is clear – the next World Cup 2020 Group Stage Live Draw will be more than interesting!

Congratulations and respect to the winners!

You are now immortal!

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