The new Infirmary – Imperia Online’s answer for quality healthcare

Numerous additional options for managing fallen troops open up to the player with the new module.

Everyone wants more options, when it comes to playing Imperia Online.

The more tools a player has at his disposal to influence the outcome of his strategic decisions, the better.

That’s why we came up with an entirely new module for recovering fallen troops in battle – the Infirmary.

The fixed percentage of units getting back into your army after battle is now history. Well, sort of.

How about you, as a ruler, decide how much and when you want your troops to recover? From now on your recovered fallen soldiers will not immediately join your army after the battle, but instead they will be sent into the Infirmary, where you will decide how many of them you want to return to service.

You still have your fixed percentage recovery guaranteed and you can immediately have them rejoin your force, but now you have an additional amount of troops you can recover with diamonds!

It gets better – these troops can stay in the Infirmary for quite some time and you can actually use that to your advantage – whether you want to get them out immediately and continue your conquest or have them stay as a “reserve” force, which you can pop at the right moment as defensive reinforcements and surprise your aggressor just when he thinks he has secured his victory.

The Infirmary is an invaluable tool, which gives the players enormous amount of additional tools for use of their armed forces.

Visit your hospital today, Your Majesties!

It’s time for some quality medieval healthcare!

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